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The prospect of further gas shortages from Russia suggests to Vladimir Urutchev that the EU should review its nuclear plant closure agreements with Bulgaria, Slovakia and Lithuania


In January this year, when Vladimir Putin invited the head of Gazprom into his office to tell him to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine, the TV cameras were there to signal to the world the power of gas diplomacy. The world’s media told us every day that this was not a commercial dispute; it was a political one – just like January 2006. Well my long years as an engineer in the energy sector got me thinking: Why January again? The answer perhaps lies in the fact that gas demand hits a peak in January and gas supply problems are tougher to fix especially in the frozen and fast depleting Siberian gas fields where most of Russia’s exported gas derives.

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Bulgarian MEP Vladimir Urutchev asks why the EU has created an embarrassing situation in the Balkans but refuses to correct its own error


The introduction in 2003 of the emissions trading scheme (ETS) created a market mechanism which puts a cost on emitting carbon dioxide, but for energy intensive industries, this makes their operations more costly, and therefore less competitive in global markets. However, with the proposed adjustments to the EU-ETS, that disadvantage can be minimised – a good example of a problem created by the EU – with the best of intentions – and one that has since been corrected.

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 Медия: europe.bg  24.10.2007

Днес Европейският парламент гласува доклад относно конвенционалните енергийни източници и енергийни технологии, в който атомната енергия е оценена като крайно необходима за задоволяване на бъдещите енергийни нужди в Европа. Българският евродепутат Владимир Уручев от групата на ЕНП-ЕД беше един от петте говорители на най-голямата политическа група по време на дебата в пленарна зала тази седмица. Той подкрепи немския докладчик Хърбърт Ройл, окачествявайки доклада като добре балансиран, съдържателен и откровен.

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